Books published by the Scouting Slovakia include handbooks and instructional guidelines for the leaders on all levels of our organisation also those on history of Slovak castles, tips for hikers and travellers and resources for outdoor and indoor games and activities. Many of these publication are sought after also by non-csout public and are available in commercial bookshops.

Attractive narrative describes the eventful lives of more than 40 castles of western and central part of Slovakia. Legible handwriting, and many photographs of contemporary illustrations and unique reconstruction of castles once powerful figures in their time of greatest prosperity and fame allows us insight into the recesses of Slovak history.


The book is untraditional processing of ruins of 22 castles of western and central Slovakia - more than 160 photos in three-dimensional form. "Blurred" pictures, however, after the onset of 3D glasses get the third dimension of sight and the courtyards, chambers, remnants of the bastions and views into the country are catching your eyes. You will find the footprints of all the ruins, so you can create a perfect idea of the castles at the time of their greatest glory. The representative Slovak and English text guides you through the whole book.



Book publication "Divín - witnesses of history" charts the history of one of the most beautiful and interesting villages Novohrad. The ruins of the castle, a fortified manor house, two towers fortified church, church school, rectory building with a sundial, a hidden Chapel of st. Anna, three crosses on Calvary the hill opposite the castle hill - this is a part of the local cultural and historical heritage.



The ruin guides

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