Our Projects

Patrol Leaders Forum

The aim of all the years of the Patrol Leaders Forum is to enhance the work of the young patrol leaders within the scope of the educational programme of Scouting Slovakia. The forum should motivate the current and perspective patrol leaders into further activities and broader education in our organisation. We are trying to provide the participants with tips and tricks and educational procedures as well as to prepare them to solve the problem they may encounter when leading the patrols. We are teaching them new games and activities that can be used both in patrols and troops. Last but not least, it is a great place to make new friends, as the new contacts from various corners of Slovakia may lead
to joint activities by several patrols or troops.  

Patrol of the year

After the pilot year of the scout patrol contest, we have decided to continue it and we have added a symbolical framework as well. We wanted to test knowledge and skill of the patrols through internet rounds. One of the objectives was to offer new inspiration for the activity and offer an opportunity to strengthen the team spirit. We also wanted to have a picture of the level of knowledge and skills of our

patrols. During the internet rounds we picked seven patrols to go into finals that are held in a manor house in Dolný Kubín. The aim of the finals is to practically verify the abilities of the seven finalists and pick the best one. Finals were prepared in a way that only teams that are uniform and well working have a chance.

Seminar on Quality

Seminar on Quality was done with purpose to evaluate the 5-year lasting monitoring of quality of the scout troops. Our ambition had been to create a space for discussion on monitoring, during which we wanted to obtain a feedback that was then incorporated into the final form of the new monitoring of our troops. One of our targets was to reward the leaders and motivate them into further activity and, at the same time, educate them in the areas that are vital for their work in scouting. We decided to use this opportunity to hand over the awards to the high-quality troops as they were defined by the 2010 quality monitoring.  Beside the programme that is focused on presentations (seminars, discussions, workshops…) we wanted to create time and space for active leisure time (tournaments, concerts, movie screenings…).

Peace Light of Betlehem

Immediately after the political changes in the 1989, the light of peace crossed the borders between Austria and the states of the former Soviet bloc that had almost seemed insurmountable several months before. The Peace Light now found its place at St. Wenceslaus Square in Prague as well as spread its light on the crumbled Berlin Wall.  

„It is proven that the Peace Light of Bethlehem, similarly to Scouting that could only be renewed after the collapse of totalitarianism, glows in the free countries and in people with open hearts. It has the ability to cross the boundaries, those of states and those between people. We believe that the light toppled the barriers between the people. However, there are still obstacles it has to overcome and therefore we should realise that the flame is a symbol, but it is up to us whether we can overcome these borders in us and in between us.“ 

Breaking the Spell of Castles

In 2004 we started to put the idea of helping the ruins of our castles in West Slovakia to life.

We commenced the sanitation work whose aim is to salvage the historic monuments from further destruction, make the accessible for tourists and increase the public awareness about them. Increasing the public information on the individual castles is being done by placing informative tables around the castles, but also by distributing the leaflets and publications.

Good Patrols

Good Patrols is a name of the project that functions under the campaign Good Country by Pontis Foundation and under auspices of Scouting Slovakia. As it is written on the webpage www.dobrakrajina.sk: „Good Country is a trustworthy and transparent donor programme. Even you can contribute with small but steady support to change of the face of Slovakia and you can help to fulfil the dreams of a good country: country that is educated, solidary, cultural, active and green. You choose…“

Our scout project is placed within the section Educated Country. The aim of Good Patrols is to give the children an opportunity to pass their time in a meaningful and attractive fashion, to live the adventures together, advance and develop themselves and their friendships; to be useful for oneself and one´s environment from the very childhood, develop one´s character (Scout Law, Scout Oath), learning by doing, to take advantage of the natural children´s wish to associate in smaller groups (6-8 peers), where the group (patrol), where the patrol is lead by a peer – one of them – under supervision of experienced, qualified  adult leaders.   

Our patrols are places that should pride themselves on being Good Patrol. A good patrol offers space for games, fun, common objectives, wonderful experiences that no-one else has, learning new skills; the membership in a patrol should inspire to positive values and activities. Children and teenagers have their friends in patrols and thus feel safe and comfortably in it – briefly, it is an ideal group where one will have his or her heart and that will fill your head with memories. The good patrols also serve as positive examples to others and contribute to the Good Country.