Educational Program

Age Groups In Scouting Slovakia

The scout organization respects the demands of different age groups. Our program and education of children and young people is adequately adjusted to their age, interests and needs:

  • Wolf cubs (boys/scouts) and Bees (girls/guides/brownies): 6 to 10 years
  • Scouts and Guides: 11 to 15 years
  • Rover scouts and Rover guides: 16 to 26 years
  • Adult scouts (leaders and adult members)

6 – 11 Years: Wolf Cubs And Bees

In the program of the youngest members the world of imagination plays an important role. Any kind of learning is realized by playing games.
The youngest members are organized into wolf cub packs or bee swarms – 6-member-groups. Children learn to integrate into a collective of friends. Adults give them real responsibility gradually but at the same time they ensure physical, emotional and mental safety.


11 – 15 Years: Scouts and Guides

The importance of the patrol system is growing at this age. It is a system of natural “gangs” of young people, which enables full participation and self-realization of each member. At the head of such a patrol there is an experienced peer – a young leader (patrol leader).
Adult leaders motivate the patrols to live their own patrol life. A symbolic framework of scouts and guides is discovering and exploring the world around them and the outdoors is the preferred environment for activities.


15 – 26 Years: Rover Scouts And Rover Guides

The majority of activities of this age group take place at the level of rover groups. The adults are present but their role is that of advisers and supporters.
The centre of rovering programme / rover scouting is composed of wandering, travelling, self-discovering, discovering of one's values and character. Rover scouts and rover guides prepare challenging projects for themselves. They organize mountain expeditions and expeditions abroad. They participate actively in environmental protection and they carry out service for local communities.


Adults With Young Spirit

Scouting is also a movement for adults who want to help young people develop their personalities. Permanent contact with young people enables the adults to prolong their own youth, to think dynamically and keep up-to-date. Adults can fully employ their abilities in the scouting movement. They can find/attain self-realization and they can contribute to a good thing.
The community of the adult scouts is connected through an interest in common things, through mutual support and through sharing similar principles: self-attitude and attitude towards themselves and to further self-development, their attitude towards other people, tolerance – solidarity, and the attitude towards the spiritual world, to the nature and towards the values that outreach the mere material world.