Scouting Slovakia

Modern Organization

Scouting Slovakia is among the largest educational organizations for children and young people in Slovakia. The number of people who are interested in scouting is growing every year. Currently, Scouting Slovakia has about 6.000 members: scouts, guides and adult volunteers, in more than 100 towns and villages across Slovakia. Its opportunities and the growing number of its members are an acknowledgement of the organization´s value principles. This is what makes the Scouting program attractive among children and youth, and adults.

Half Billion People

Scouting Slovakia is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, which unites 38 million people from around the world. In August 2007, Scouting Slovakia celebrated the first centenary of the scouting movement, together with scouts from all around the world. During the first centenary, scouting has enriched the life of 500 million children, young people and adults.

120 Camps For 3.500 Children Annually

Every year we organize more than 120 summer camps for 3.500 participants, 1.000 one-day events and a further 400 events which last more than one day, weekend expeditions, rafting expeditions and expeditions abroad. These events help form character and personality and they teach every single member how to be responsible and independent. More than 20 thousand participants, present-day children and young people, are attracted every year.

Scouting Produces Young Leaders

Scouts learn to work in teams and to lead a group of people, to solve problems, to communicate, to express their opinions and to present themselves, to manage projects, to prepare and organize programs and challenging events for others.

Above all, scouting encourages personalities to become active citizens of a democratic society. We teach people to know themselves, to work on themselves, to find the will to overcome their weaknesses and to take care of themselves and their needs. In scouting they gain worthwhile experiences, which help them to achieve
success in life and at work.

Education And Gainig Experience At Home
And Abroad

About 1.000 young and adult leaders are involved in running the organization. Each of them takes part in educational programs, which are accredited by the Slovak Ministry of Education. On average, every year we plan and conduct more than 100 workshops, seminar meetings and training courses for 2.200 participants. Others take part in language enhancement trips, to special training courses or internships abroad.

A Place For Young Talents

We allow young people to cultivate their creative potential, which will help them to apply what they know. They participate in competitions of creativity which includes prose, poetry, photography and making amateur videos. They present their music creations at the Scout Music Festival Soaré. Others create websites, make presentations and short films. These are presented here in Slovakia and abroad as well.

Attractive Programs Helps People Grow

Scouting is for people who want to overcome their limitation. It offers people – without exception of age – untraditional as well as extreme sports. They participate in outdoor activities like rock-climbing expeditions, bike tours, rafting and camping in the countryside, and at the same time it actively contributes to the nature protection. It provides a place to utilize modern technologies: computers and the Internet by creating websites or presentations. It provides a place to learn to play a musical instrument, to learn to act and perform, to improve one´s skill in speaking a foreign language or to improve one´s specific kind of sport. Everyone, who is interested will find in
scouting something that they need or like.